Product Range

We stock a wide range of quality products that we sell to you at wholesale prices. Our vast selection gives you a wide range of choice, and our experienced team will help you find the right solution to suit your requirements. Carpet and Carpet Tiles Whether you need carpet for your home or carpet tile for your office or commercial space, you can find what you need in our range. We offer a number [ ... ]


As a leading supplier of carpet flooring in Melbourne, our buying power, knowledge and relationships within the industry ensure our customers of good quality cheap carpet. Between our staff, we have over one hundred years of combined experience, allowing us to help you with information regarding the proper installation and care of your flooring. Quality Products We stock over 800 rolls and 25,00 [ ... ]

Carpet Tiles

At our Melbourne factory outlet, we enjoy stocking and selling flooring products that are easy to install and maintain. We also enjoy helping you design your space to reflect your style. A truly versatile product, with amazing scope for customisation, is the carpet tile (also known as carpet squares). Whether your space is residential, commercial, contemporary or classic, this product lends itself [ ... ]

Vinyl Tiles

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to emulate the look of slate, timber, ceramics or marble? Did you know that you do not have to invest in expensive materials to achieve a durable yet stylish floor for your home or office? Add a little texture to your lounge, kitchen or bedroom. Enhance the look and feel of an office space at a fraction of what you would pay for solid stone or wood with our [ ... ]

Floating Floors

At The Carpet Shed, you can choose from a range of high-quality laminate floating floors. Available in planks, these products are extremely easy to install and lend a natural looking finish to your room. We source our floating floor from the  most reputable suppliers in the business to ensure that you get high-quality flooring at the best possible price. You can enquire about any of the beaut [ ... ]

Carpet Care

At The Carpet Shed, all our products are manufactured to a high standard. Keeping your carpet in pristine condition requires some simple maintenance. Preventative Measures The best way to maintain the appearance and quality of your carpet is to take measures to prevent or minimise damage to it. When installing your new floor, ensure you have a good quality underlay. Doing this will increase the [ ... ]


With over fifteen years of experience as a wholesale flooring outlet, The Carpet Shed provides quality carpet tiles, floor carpet, vinyl floor tiles, floating floors and laminated flooring – all in one big location. As part of our specialised carpet factory experience, we offer carpet installation for all of our manufactured products. Whether you choose our residential or commercial products, [ ... ]

About Us

We are a wholesale flooring specialist and bulk carpet warehouse in Box Hill, Victoria. As an independent outlet we do more than just sell commercial and residential flooring at discounted rates; we also offer our professional services as carpet installers and provide expert tips on care and maintenance of your flooring. Our skilled team will use their vast experience and industry knowledge to pr [ ... ]

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Over the past 20 years, Carpet Shed has converted rooms across Australia into comfortable and beautiful spaces with our quality carpets and flooring. We have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable names in the industry. Playing a strong role in our success is our list of suppliers. We stock an extensive range of carpets, vinyls and laminates sourced from leading Australian manufa [ ... ]

Buying Tips

As an experienced wholesaler, Carpet Shed understands the importance of selecting quality carpet. With over 15 years of experience as a carpet factory, we are the leading specialists in discount and wholesale carpeting. As Carpet Shed is a large flooring outlet, it can be an overwhelming decision when it comes to the final product choice. Before you buy carpet in Melbourne, follow these tips fr [ ... ]

Monthly Specials

[ ... ]


Property Advance manage every (or one) aspect of your development including feasibility assessment, finance, planning and permits, sub-division and construction, right through to selling or leasing the completed properties. The team has more than 60 years combined project management experience and has delivered numerous successful project outcomes across many industries and sectors for some of Aus [ ... ]

Discount Carpet

Our warehouse boasts more than 800 rolls of carpet for sale in Melbourne as well as an extensive range of high-quality vinyl, laminate and floating floors. With a comprehensive selection available at affordable prices, we're able to retain our position as an industry leader, offering wholesale discount carpet and carpet specials direct to the public and commercial businesses. Our company prid [ ... ]

carpet camberwell

Carpets are such a common feature in most houses that it’s easy to overlook the aesthetic and functional advantages they offer. A house with tiles or polished concrete can lack the warmth and character that carpets provide, plus having no carpet can also increase the amount of echoing as a result of less sound absorption. If you want to install new carpet in Camberwell to modify or improve the a [ ... ]

carpet dandenong

It’s easy to overlook the aesthetic and functional benefits carpets offer given how common they are in most homes. Tiles or polished concrete flooring can lack the character and warmth that carpets provide. They can also increase the amount of echoing as a result of not being able to absorb sound. At The Carpet Shed, we can help you install new flooring to modify or improve the atmosphere of you [ ... ]

carpet eltham

The aesthetic and functional advantages of carpet shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked despite how common they are in most homes. Carpets provide a sense of warmth and character that tiles or polished concrete can lack. They also reduce echoing by being able to absorb a significant amount of sound. The Carpet Shed can help if you’re interested in modifying or improving the atmosphere of your hom [ ... ]

carpet frankston

The visual and practical advantages of carpet should never be ignored or overlooked despite how common they are in most houses. Carpets provide a sense of warmth and character that tiles or polished concrete can lack. They also minimise echo by absorbing more sound waves. If you’re interested in improving or modifying the atmosphere of your residential or commercial premises by installing new ca [ ... ]

carpet mornington

The visual and practical benefits of having carpet should never be underestimated despite how common they are in most houses. Carpets offer warmth and character which tiles or polished concrete often lack. They also minimise echo by absorbing sound waves. At The Carpet Shed, we can assist you if you’re interested in modifying or enhancing the atmosphere of your home or business by installing new [ ... ]

Thank You

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENQUIRY. The Carpet Shed representative will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. If your enquiry requires urgent attention or you would like to speak to someone immediately, please contact +61 1300 399 929. Feel free to keep browsing our site at If you don’t receive an email from our [ ... ]

Frequently Asked Questions About The Carpet Shed

Does your factory outlet also offer carpet, floating floor and vinyl tile installation?Yes, we can even remove your old carpets or other surfaces where necessary for an extra cost. Carpet, floating floors and vinyl floor tiles installation can be organised upon purchasing the product. [ ... ]

Frequently Asked Questions about our Carpet

Which is the better floor carpeting material – wool or nylon?Both wool and nylon carpets are good products, but sometimes one can be more appropriate than the other depending on your environment or personal preferences. Wool is a natural fibre and a good insulator; it tends to age a bit better than nylon and maintain an attractive appearance. Meanwhile, nylon t [ ... ]

Frequently Asked Questions about Vinyl Flooring

What types of vinyl flooring options do you have?The Carpet Shed factory outlet offers a range of vinyl flooring products for customers to choose from. We have vinyl floor tiles suited for households as well as other products that are better suited to ind [ ... ]

Frequently Asked Questions about Floating Floors

What are floating floors?Generally, a floating floor is a click together flooring system that is not attached to the actual floor underneath it in any way. They are laid out about five to seven millimetres away from the wall to allow for potential mate [ ... ]