Residential and Commercial Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

At our Melbourne factory outlet, we enjoy stocking and selling flooring products that are easy to install and maintain. We also enjoy helping you design your space to reflect your style. A truly versatile product, with amazing scope for customisation, is the carpet tile (also known as carpet squares). Whether your space is residential, commercial, contemporary or classic, this product lends itself to a number of styles.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

    1. Ease of installation and removal
      One of the main advantages of carpet tiles is their ease of installation. Unlike other carpeting, they don’t require an underlay and can be installed on almost any surface.


    1. Long-lasting
      The longevity of Carpet tiles makes them particularly useful in commercial spaces. Floating carpet tiles do not require an underlay which means there is no clumping or moving even when one is pushing heavy trolleys on the surface in spaces such as libraries or hotels.


    1. Wear, tear and repair
      Besides being durable and able to withstand heavy traffic, these cheap carpet squares are extremely easy to repair. In case of damage, only the affected tiles need to be peeled off and replaced.


    1. Customised design for smart spaces
      Do you want your floor to have a covering with a unique design? Do you want to effortlessly create separate sections within a room, or create differently coloured or patterned paths to help navigate within your large commercial space? Carpet tile is an ideal solution.


  1. Cost-effective
    The carpet shed boasts cheap carpet tiles featuring easy installation, handling and maintenance, which directly translates to cost-effectiveness. In addition, they provide quality insulation, improving heat and cooling options whilst reducing living costs.

We offer a vast selection of discounted carpet tile for you to choose from, including commercial carpet tiles at wholesale prices. What’s more, we also offer an installation service which will provide your space with a seamless and professional finish.

If you’d like to learn more about our cheap carpet tiles in Melbourne, call us on 1300 399 929 to speak to a member of our experienced and friendly team.