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With over fifteen years experience as a wholesale flooring outlet, Carpet Shed provide quality carpet tiles, floor carpet, vinyl floor tiles, floating floors and laminated flooring- all in "one big location". As part of the specialised carpet factory experience, we also offer installation on all of their manufactured products. Whether you choose our residential or commercial products, installation by our professionals is a going to be prompt and hassle free.

We have experienced tradesmen to assist you with all of your installation and flooring needs. Our range of products, and qualified sales staff make it easy for you to purchase, deliver and install your quality floor carpet. Between our highly qualified staff, our team have over 100 years combined experience on floor products and we employ only qualified installers.

Product Installation

After a product purchase, our qualified staff will ensure a fast delivery from our outlet to your home. Once arrived, our qualified tradesmen will inspect your flooring surface and assess the condition for installation. From the factory to your home, the we always offer a fast and effective service.

Whether you purchase our carpet tiles, laminate flooring or vinyl tiles- our experts will measure the area and plan the layout for your installation. As we are the professionals in commercial flooring, discount and wholesale carpeting we will organise and ensure every aspect of your buying experience is hassle free.



Part of the installation process includes the carpet underlay. At our outlet we sell rubber, foam or felt underlay. The underlay will differ, depending on the floor carpet you have chosen.

If you choose a high quality underlay, it will last the same duration as your floor. Each layer is important, starting from the first layer. The underlay will increase cushioning, provide support for extended life and offer better heat and cold insulation.

Installation preparation

Once our installation professionals arrive at your home, the installation will begin. Before they make the trip, you need to do some prior preparation. Firstly, ensure you pave the way for our tradesmen to install your carpet tiles or floor carpet with ease. Remove all objects from the room and clear pathways to allow accessibility.

Vacuum the old carpeting or carpet tiles before removing it completely. If you have already begun to remove or have removed old carpeting, ensure the surface is flat and free of nails or screws.

For premium floor carpet service, carpet tiles, floating floors, vinyl tiles and cheap flooring, see the wholesale experts; contact us on 1300 399 929.