Caring for your Carpets—Maintenance Guidelines and More

At The Carpet Shed, all our products are manufactured to a high standard. Keeping your carpet in pristine condition requires some simple maintenance.

Preventative Measures

The best way to maintain the appearance and quality of your carpet is to take measures to prevent or minimise damage to it. When installing your new floor, ensure you have a good quality underlay. Doing this will increase the life expectancy of your carpet and keep it looking better for longer.

A great way to preserve your flooring is to place a doormat outside your main door. Thoroughly clean your shoes on the doormat before you enter your home and step onto your carpet.

Regular Vacuuming

To keep your carpet looking brand new, you need to vacuum it frequently, especially in areas that are subjected to a lot of traffic. When an area is used often, it means soil particles will find their way beneath the surface. Vacuuming frequently will prevent these soil particles from getting deep in the fibres.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean beneath the surface of your floor. It should be done by a professional, approximately once every two years, to ensure your flooring is kept in optimal condition.

Removal of Spots and Spills

While most of the carpets we stock are made to be stain and soil resistant, but accidents do happen and you will inevitably need to clean your carpet of a small or large stain. Prompt attention should be paid when these accidents occur so that your carpet can look good and last for years.

  • Always test any cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area first.
  • SCOOP up solids before cleaning
  • BLOT as much liquid as possible using clean white towelling or paper towel. Never scrub at a stain.
  • CLEAN the spot after referring to the Spot Removal Guide. Apply spot removal agent to a clean towel, NOT directly to the floor.
  • RINSE with cold or lukewarm water only.
  • BLOT DRY with absorbent material such as paper towels, or use a cold air fan to completely dry.

Spot Removal Guide

SpotStepsType of Treatment
Alcoholic Beverages12
  1. Cold water.
  2. Detergent solution or carpet shampoo.
  3. Laundry detergent (non-biological).
  4. Solvent – use only on dry floors.
  5. Chill with aerosol freezing agent or ice cubes in a plastic bag. Pick or scrape off gum.
  6. Vinegar solution (1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup water).
  7. Warm water.
  8. Clear nail polish remover (preferably acetone) no lanolin.
  9. Alcohol or methylated spirits, mineral turpentine.
  10. Rust remover.
  11. Vacuum.
  12. Mineral turpentine.
  13. Laundry detergent (non-biological) 1tsp in 250mls warm water. Clear household disinfectant.
  14. Clear household disinfectant.
Candle Wax – Absorbent paper & hot iron
Chewing gum54
Colas and soft drink12
Cooking Oils42
Floor wax42
Fruit juice12
Furniture polish42
Furniture polish72
Ink (fountain pen)12
Ink (ball point pen)492
Ink (felt tip)728
Nail polish84
Oil and grease42
Paint (latex)124
Paint (oil)1242
Salad dressing24
Shoe polish42
Tomato sauce72
Urine (fresh)12
Urine (old)236
Unknown material423


For more useful tips on carpet care, or to know more about our products, contact us today.