Tips to Help You Buy Carpet in Melbourne

sub_imgAs an experienced wholesaler, Carpet Shed understands the importance of selecting quality carpet. With over 15 years of experience as a carpet factory, we are the leading specialists in discount and wholesale carpeting.

As Carpet Shed is a large flooring outlet, it can be an overwhelming decision when it comes to the final product choice. Before you buy carpet in Melbourne, follow these tips from our experts:

Select the colour before you paint:

When choosing floor carpet for your home or office, ensure you decide on a colour before you paint. We have over 800 rolls (in all shapes, colours and sizes) to provide you with a large product selection. While it may take you a while to pick one colour, choosing a colour from our carpet retailers in Melbournefirst will save you time. It’s easier to change the paint than the colour and style of your flooring.

Choose a retailer who offers professional installation:

With our discount carpeting and professional installation at Carpet Shed, you can have peace of mind knowing our professionals will do the job right. Whether you buy carpet tiles, floating floors or floor carpet from us, we’ll ensure a fast delivery and installation. Selling wholesale and commercial flooring for over 15 years, we always guarantee quality carpeting and installation.

Ask for a warranty for all carpet installation:

Our carpet retailers in Melbourne offer wholesale flooring direct to the public as well as a warranty on carpet installation. When purchasing your floor carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring or laminate floors, ensure you ask for a warranty, not only for your product but for installation.

Select your fibre based on your specific needs:

At Carpet Shed, we have hundreds of flooring products to suit any home or office. Floor carpet will perform at different levels; each fibre will have a significant impact to duty. When choosing to buy carpet products from our factory, take into account a number of factors and consider all of the fibre options before you purchase. Be aware of the ‘traffic’ that will enter the room so you can decide which style and texture can withstand the wear and tear over time.

Know what to look for ahead of time:

There are literally hundreds of carpet types available, each manufactured of different fibres delivering varied looks, strength and quality. Before you buy carpet tiles, vinyl floors, floor carpet or laminated flooring, know exactly what you’re looking for. The different fibres you choose will affect the performance, durability and cost of the product. Be aware of both yarn (fibre) type and pile (pattern) type.

For premium floor carpet service, carpet tiles, floating floors and vinyl tiles, you can trust the wholesale carpet retailers in Melbourne at Carpet Shed. Contact us now on 1300 399 929.